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Już niedługo przedstawimy nową linię produktów wiosenno-letnich. Zapraszamy wkrótce!

We will introduce you a new spring-summer prroduct line very soon. Please stay tuned!
  1. Russian Hot Tubs

We offer Russian Hot Tubs - a product very popular in Scandinavian countries and gaining increased popularity in the countries of Central Europe. They have a simple design, are easy to maintain and at the same they look great and give great satisfaction to users. Tubs are especialy perfect in cool and cold nights. Bathing in a tub at 36-40 degrees temper increase human immunity. Extremely careful manner made, and very high quality Siberian Fir used to produce Hot Tube guarantee long-lasting and trouble-free operation for even 20 years. Its simple design allows for easy, independent and quick installation in the garden.




180 cm (4-6 people) or 200 cm (6-8 people)

Walls thickness

45 mm

Floor thickness

40 mm


100 cm


ca. 250kg

Type of wood

siberian fir

Heating time

2-5 hours depending on the outside temperature

Type of packing

one-way pallets

Quantity of packages on transport

14 Hot Tubs with diameter 180 cm or 12 with diameter 200 cm.

Contents of set:

  • Hot tub

  • 3 band made of stainless steel

  • innternal wood/briquette stove made of stainless steel

  • 2 m chimney of stainless steel

  • special shovel to remove ash

  • 2 piece wooden cover

  • wooden steps

  • wooden paddle for stirring the water

  • wooden handles for drinks - ”Mini Bar”

  • thermometer

  • Users manual