Our own production plant is a guarantee of knowledge of the offered products from every angle. We are proud that each subsequent year of Biotrade’s activity results in the development of the machine park, increase in employment and innovations that allow us to expand our offer.

Energy from nature, in harmony with the environment

Biomass is created in natural processes. It includes all biodegradable substances of plant origin. During combustion, products from biomass emit negligible amounts of sulphur dioxide, and the carbon dioxide balance is zero.


The use of biomass allows for the management of what was previously waste, both economically and ecologically. These two reasons account for its growing popularity as a fuel. Additionally, the ash generated during combustion is readily used as fertiliser.

Economical solutions

We have been cooperating with leading producers of heating products for years. This allows us to provide our customers with products not only of the highest quality, but also at the best prices. An individual approach to each client allows us to prepare offers ideally suited to specific needs.